Satellite Feature Detection Using ConvNets

I presented my journery through a Kaggle Competition about detecting features from satellite imagery and various techniques to score a high rank using Convolutional Neural Networks.

20 Mar 2017 - Learn Data Science Meetup

Asynchronous Javascript

Asynchronous nature of Javascript is often misunderstood. I presented how Asynchronous Javascript works and compare using callbacks, promises, thunks and async/await.

01 Apr 2015 - UrtheCast

Angular JS Complex Form Validations

The native Angular JS validations cannot be used for more complicated validations. I discussed the pros and cons of Angular style form validations, how to move validation logic out of the views, and how to develop a more declarative style of validations in services.

17 Dec 2014 - Angular JS Meetup

Introduction to Web Development

Taught the basics of web development, HTML & CSS to undergraduate students at American University of Sharjah in a workshop.

15 Feb 2009 - American University of Sharjah


Unmanned Autonomous Aircraft

Led a multidisciplinary team of senior engineering students to designed and build an autonomous aircraft capable of searching for targets on the ground.

Worked on embedded systems, on-board camera, communication system, control system, path planning & ground control station.

See the presentation here that includes a flight video.

UAV Ground Control Station

Create a Ground Control Station for autonomous aircraft to display telemetry, plan and task mission plan and tune the control system parameters.

This later evolved into the Ground Control Station provided by MARS Robotics.

GPS & IMU Sensor Fusion

Performed research on combining GPS location with accelerometers and gyro data to get high accuracy position and velocity for use in a car collision avoidance system.

Results are published here

CFD Analysis of trailing cars

A computational fluid dynamics simulation to study the optimal distance for drafting(slipstreaming) vehicles.

Finite Element Analysis of a Trebuchet

Structural analysis simulation of a Trebuchet.

AUS Formula SAE

Volunteered to build a formula style race-car for FSAE. Worked on fabrication of A-arms and design of impact attenuation.

IM Sniffer

A packet sniffer that shows you all IM Traffic on your network


Arabic meme site


I was the founding employee of a nutrition planning web and mobile app. The startup was part of the Extreme Startups Accelerator (now Highline) program and reached 20+ employees at its peak.

Check out video here


Python Patterns

I have now been working with Python for more than a month, here are some of the interesting patterns that I found in the language. Its a nice, clean and easy language, in particular I really enjoy the list comprehensions.

12 Oct 2013

Hackers and Painters Quotes

Some quotes I liked from Paul Graham’s book:

12 Jan 2013

Startup Lessons Learned in a Year

Lessons learned from a year in entrepreneurship - A brief description of things I wish I had found out earlier and as well as reminders for myself for the future.

  • Ideas are not important
  • Your Startup is your team
  • Validate before building
  • Iterate
  • Don’t neglect your health
  • Inbound marketing
  • A/B testing and Cohort Analysis
  • Growth
  • Types of Markets
  • Trust your team
  • Books over blogs
  • Focus on problem, not the solution

09 Jan 2013


Ever since we are little the idea of more being better is instilled in our brains. The more toys or gadgets you have the happier you would feel, the more you speak the smarter you would sound, the higher grades you get the better, the more money you earn the more successful you are.

26 Dec 2012

Jekyll Tips

While there are a few ready made themes available for Jekyll, if you want you site to be different its not too hard. Here are some tips to make it easier.

25 Dec 2012

Designing beautiful web applications

Here are a bunch of guidelines I think are important for creating a great user experience for your web users.

  • Design for audience
  • Word Density
  • Element density
  • Visual information
  • Ease of navigation
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Gradients, shadows and 3D effects
  • Positioning
  • Shapes
  • Conventions
  • Flow

02 Jun 2012

Homemade Indoor Helicopter

For a while I have been thinking about getting an indoor helicopter and modding it with an on board computer, camera, wifi to make it fly autonomously and do interesting things with it.

02 Apr 2012

Brainwave Reading

Ever since I watched a TED Talk, I forget which one, I have become fascinated by the possibilities of controlling things with thought and finding more about yourself.

02 Apr 2012

Jekyll vs. Wordpress

I have been using wordpress to host my website for more than 5 years, its a great platform. I like it because it comes with lots of nice themes, a good number of plugins, is open source and I can freely edit and modify how my site looks.

04 Mar 2012

Rails upload files to AWS

There is a very easy way to upload files to AWS S3, however you can easily get lost with different gems and options available. My favorite way is using paperclip with aws-sdk. Here are some quick steps to get you started, look at the gems homepages for more information.

01 Mar 2012

Positioning variable number of fixed width divs side by side in a fluid layout

In recent months, I have been experimenting a lot with fluid width layouts. As we now have devices with a range of screen sizes, to create a good user experience across all different resolutions, I think fluid layouts are the way to move forward.

18 Feb 2012

Too Much Noise

Over the last couple of months, I have realized that I have not been as productive as I would like to be. It’s not that I am spending less time at work, but it feels like there is too much distraction these days. I used to be able to do things more efficiently when I spent a couple of hours doing just one thing and having a deadline for it. Now it seems that when I am working on something, new things come up, I leave some things unfinished to come back to later on and ultimately there are a gazillion windows open on my computer at some point my computer starts lagging and I decide to close everything. To be more productive, I have come up with some solutions.

22 Jan 2012

Tech Celebrities

I have been seeing a lot of posts about how everyone cared so much about Steve Jobs death and not Dennis Ritchie’s. Thats the sad reality of life, people appreciate business people more then engineers/hackers. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zukerburg are world renowned figure because people use products created by their companies first hand on a day to day basis.

07 Nov 2011

Amazing Programming Font

As stupid as it sounds, one of the reasons why I hate coding on Windows is because windows monospace fonts suck compared to what Linux has. I had windows ports of Gedit and Geany on my network folder but Windows fonts were just painful to look at.

21 Oct 2011

Higher level programming for embedded systems

I don’t have too much experience in this area, but I was thinking, it would be cool to have something more higher level for programming embedded systems. It would be cool if you could write Ruby code to program a robot. There are GUIs out there that allow kids to program robots but its not really as interesting as coding.

01 Oct 2011


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