Python Patterns

I have now been working with Python for more than a month, here are some of the interesting patterns that I found in the language. Its a nice, clean and easy language, in particular I really enjoy the list comprehensions.

  • Lists
  • Modules
  • Debugging
  • Benchmark
  • Exceptions
about 1 minutes read

Hackers and Painters Quotes

Some quotes I liked from Paul Graham's book:

less than 1 minute read

Startup Lessons Learned in a Year

Lessons learned from a year in entrepreneurship - A brief description of things I wish I had found out earlier and as well as reminders for myself for the future.

  • Ideas are not important
  • Your Startup is your team
  • Validate before building
  • Iterate
  • Don't neglect your health
  • Inbound marketing
  • A/B testing and Cohort Analysis
  • Growth
  • Types of Markets
  • Trust your team
  • Books over blogs
  • Focus on problem, not the solution
about 4 minutes read


Ever since we are little the idea of more being better is instilled in our brains. The more toys or gadgets you have the happier you would feel, the more you speak the smarter you would sound, the higher grades you get the better, the more money you earn the more successful you are.

about 4 minutes read

Jekyll Tips

While there are a few ready made themes available for Jekyll, if you want you site to be different its not too hard. Here are some tips to make it easier.

about 1 minutes read


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