Does multitasking work?

The subconscious me likes to believe that the more things I handle at the same time, the more I would accomplish. However I have noticed the complete opposite. These days time seems to run really fast without me accomplishing much in a day.

Yesterday, I felt that my mac wasnt enough for my work and brought out my HP laptop, working on my two computers side by side with a single keyboard and mouse using synergy.

Although I have more screen space, I still didnt see much improvement in my work. I have many screens open related to a number of different things I am working on. It seems a waste to close windows related to a particular task and open them up again some hours later when you can hide them on another virtual workspace. With this philosophy in mind, I found that I kept switching between different tasks throughout the day and was not able to focus on any one of them enough and finish it off.

Going to bed at night, I thought over what I had accomplished in the day, although I had worked on many things, I hadn’t made significant progress in any . Working on one task at a time seems to be the best way for me to work. Even at university, I found it effective to concentrate on one thing at a time.

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