Homemade Indoor Helicopter

For a while I have been thinking about getting an indoor helicopter and modding it with an on board computer, camera, wifi to make it fly autonomously and do interesting things with it.

However, getting a prebuilt copter has its limitations. Such as

Thats why I want to create my own helicopter. I will admit it is not easy task, in fact even though I have a decent understanding of airplanes, many aspects of helicopters still bewilder me.

I came across an detailed account of how someone built a helicopter himself which is very inspiring, its the only such homebrew project I could find. To be honest I might have dropped the idea completely if I didn’t find this. Here’s a picture:


Hence, I am on a quest to understand more about how they work and play with some of these. I should really get access to a hack space for this project. I like these two in Toronto:

##Things I would need

##Timeframe This would probably take at least 2-3 years of spare time if not more, I’m already involved in a lot of stuff, but keep finding myself researching on miniature helicopters every now and then.

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