Ubuntu, Fedora and Gnome 3

I am not a big fan of how the Ubuntu desktop looks, now don’t get me wrong there was a time when Ubuntu looked way prettier then the default Fedora install but I don’t like how everything is orange and if orange is your favorite color all is good but otherwise its very difficult to make everything non-orange.

I know many people dont care about how your desktop environment looks like but for the ‘programmer’ type who often spend a major part of their day in front of their screens, it does matter a bit. Yes, there are plenty of themes available that look good, particularly Ortha and Divergence, but the default gnome3 installation looks better and cleaner. While I love the fact that Ortha and Divergence can be installed from a ppa, the themes aren’t free from imperfections. Something I don’t understand is why wouldn’t Ubuntu put these themes in there official repositories and why wouldn’t they offer an alternative Gnome3 desktop.

I tried installing Gnome3 using the gnome-team ppa, while it works perfectly on my netbook and my brother’s netbook, it just wouldn’t work properly on my laptop. It just gets stuck. This made me research into alternative linux distributions. I used to be a Fedora person before Ubuntu became extremely popular. The Gnome website lists Fedora and OpenSUSE as the two operating systems where you can get to experience Gnome3, so thats why I replaced my Ubuntu install with Fedora.

While Fedora is good at several things, soon I realized you have to waste your time with several things. The first thing I did was try to install Ruby on Rails. It turns out that ruby1.9 is not there in the repositories. Ubuntu has way more packages available and even more through ppas. Even Chromium wasn’t present in the repository. Thats why I had to manually compile Ruby. While Fedora forces you to learn more about Linux by having to compile some of the programs yourself. For a person who is short on time Ubuntu provides ease of use. Also, i’m sorry but apt-get is way better than yum. My computer would also not wake up from sleep and eventually after a couple of hard boots even Gnome3 stopped working correctly.

Therefore I had to install Ubuntu again. I can’t wait for Ubuntu to officially support Gnome3. I know it looks very close to Unity but not only Gnome3 looks better but makes things a lot simpler.

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